School is important, period. It’s not about the facts you’re taught, but the experiences you have over 4-6 years that teach you to think and extrapolate solutions to questions without answers. For those (most) who don’t learn this early, school is the best option to find this.

My mother and the moon

One night at the beach, my mom asked me if we could go outside near the ocean to photograph the moon.

A lot of photos of the moon have been taken and I had never taken one of it. Actually, I never took a photo of the moon because I wasn’t interested, is not the kind of photography that I like. I feel like it is so boring, so technical and “perfect”. But I’m glad I took this.

Many many days before that night, my mom had been insisting me a lot about it. "How do you take a photo of the moon" "can you do it with your camera?"   "do you need a tripod?"   "I read you need these camera settings"   "what does f/8.0 mean?"...

I love this photo because it means so much to me. My mother has been getting into photography because of me… "you taught me to pay more attention to the things around us, I never really looked to the sky before" she told me a time ago. Today she has been photographing the sky almost everyday looking for heart shaped clouds and finding interesting textures and pretty things in simple (or “ugly”) places.

Now I learned how to photograph the moon because of her and this photo reminds me of that 

Back to reality

Just got back from a 10 day trip and it feels so weird to be home again. I feel like an alien, a tired alien.


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